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Specifically, the atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 however, if you have the 4-port (four joystick ports) version of the 5200, you need a special switchbox try ebay or best electronics (catalog item) for this proprietary switchbox. I am interested in tracking down an atari 8-bit computer so i can start buying that format of games, but i don't know much about the differences in system models but does anyone know if there are any games that are only compatible on a certain model i want to try and buy the model that is compatible with all the 8-bit atari. Classic game room hd shows how to hook up an atari 2600 to a modern television set, hdtv, lcd or plasma big screen also, we answer some questions regarding what atari.

Atari 400/800 with dvi/vga monitor i grew up during the age of the atari 400/800 and never owned one but i see many cheap on ebay now and have thought about buying one but don't want to have to get a monitor as well. I rescently came home with my atari 2600 console and hooked it up to older tv (manufactured 1996) and it was working, but then my older brother suggest that we hook it up in the living room and play it with the family,so we hooked it up into the tv (lcd hd 1080p tv manufacured may 2009) and it we. The atari 400 and 800 were announced in december 1978, though they didn't actually start shipping until late in 1979 designed to look like a friendly typewriter, the atari 800 is an expandable system with two easily accessable cartridge ports under a front cover, and a removable top with four expansion slots inside. When atari came out with the pong, super pong, and atari 2600 this was the only way they had to get the video signal into the tv set some video games used an antenna-style cable out of the console, known as a 300 ohm twinlead cable.

The atari 5200 is, dare i say it, atari's answer to intellivision, colecovision and the astrocade why a new game system when atari already had the 400 and 800 computer systems with far more power, memory, picture resolution and overall capability than any dedicated game unit. Introduced in time for christmas of 1979 the atari 400 was the little brother of the atari 800it differed from the 800 only in form, not in function both atari computers had the same processor and chip sets. Got this to hook up an old atari 2600 works perfectly my 8 year old loves the old system even though he has grown up on an xbox 360 and xbox one can't believe how hard the games used to be and how bad some used to be haha read more 3 people found this helpful helpful comment report abuse. I'm interested in getting an atari 8-bit (like i had 30 years ago), but have only lcd tvs (and computer monitors) can i hook this atari to a flat screen tv, or do i. The video from the atari will be on the channel selected on the atari console (usually either channel 3 or channel 4) method 1: same thing, different parts here's another way to hook up using the switch box.

Quote: i have an atari 400 with a tv/computer switch boxit works when i connect the atari to the antenna input on the tv through the switch box but the image is poor the cable on the atari ends with a phono jack and there is a similar jack. Atari has also announced the availability in the near future of their own 48k ram board for the 400 if atari starts filling in the gaps (especially in the memory department-see editorial in issue #11) this will leave the 3rd party companies, which up to now developed 400/800 expansion memory out in the cold. It is less than obvious how to connect a commodore 64 to a television, especially a modern television, and it’s even more difficult if your c-64 didn’t come with the cables or the manual there are, as it turns out, several ways to do it the c-64 and 128 have an rca jack on the back that matches the rca jacks on most televisions, whether lcd.

The atari 800 could also accommodate up to 4 9 pin d-plug joysticks through ports on the front of the machine the joysticks were of the standard type used on the atari 2600 vcs although the 800 could be attached to a standard tv with the hardwired rf cable, it included a 5 pin round din plug on its right side for connecting to a hi. I own an intellivision and i was wondering if there was a way to connect it to play on my hdtv i don't see how it could be done with one of these. The 400 had a built in rf modulator so no special hook-ups or costly monitors were necessary, it hooked directly to any tv the atari 400 in this exhibit is one of three working models in the museum. Return to the oak-paneled basement of glory and the scene of your greatest youthful triumphs with your very own atari flashback game system this old-school classic lets you grasp the familiar joystick of yore as you maneuver and blast through 100 classic games, including asteroids, missile command, centipede, millipede, battlezone.

  • Atari 400: atari 400 (1979 - 1983) released along with the 800 in 1979, the 400 was the low-end model of the two the only 8-bit atari with a membrane keyboard rather than a full-stroke keyboard.
  • Many people were involved in the planning, design and engineering of the 8-bit atari computers this section attempts to identify the key engineering.

I have two old atari 400's from my childhood the last time i tried to hook them up, i remember them turning on (little red diode) but i couldn't figure out how to hook up the old rf switch box to a modern tv. How to get composite video out of the older atari 2600, 2600a, 2600jr, 5200 and 7800 consoles composite video is just about an industry standard on most modern video (lcd, led, plasma tv's, video players and current state of the art video game consoles) equipment now a days. Find great deals on ebay for atari hook up shop with confidence. 400 16k atari ntsc us computer reconditioned, new atari 400 power supply, new upgraded cable ready tv switchbox, new atari basic cartridge and basic manual: cb101445: sold out: 800 48k atari ntsc us computer, reconditioned, used 800 owners manual, new atari 800 power supply, new upgraded cable ready tv switch box, new atari.

Hook up atari 400
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